February 25, 2011

Ch. 779: The List - Forgiveness

"I forgive you...
[Who knows what's coming?]
... because God forgave me!"

Man... I feel annoyed when people say that.
I really do.

Because it's a Christian cliché.
And I hate Christian clichés.
Yes. You read correctly.
I hate Christian clichés.

I don't care how true said cliché may be.
Usually when I hear/read one, I find myself thinking, 'Oh please.'
[A rolling of the eyes usually accompanies this thought. Needless to say, I roll my eyes a lot while here at school.]

Sometimes I wonder if we even have the slightest idea what it means to truly forgive someone. Ope, there she goes again... critical, cynical Natalie [nice ring, eh?] - always pointing out faults and weaknesses and the tragedies of life.

"Forgive" me.

Honestly, though.


Did you catch that?

The general concept of forgiveness is so meaningful and important... it began with the ideas of everlasting love, mercy, and grace. So is it truly so difficult to understand why I have my doubts as to whether we know what forgiveness is?

I don't know where to go with this.

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