May 5, 2011

Ch. 795 - The List: Overseas

I have never been overseas.
It seems that when people find this out they are somewhat surprised.

And you know what? Sometimes, I find myself surprised, too.

For I all too often think about a variety of oversea locations.

Dream, really.

So it's almost as if I have been to certain places.
To an extent.

So, yes, surprised.

I think also it's that I have such a great desire to be... there.
Another place.
A foreign land.
Civilized or uncharted, I want to go.

I simply do.

Sometimes I feel so out of place.
In 'this' place.
[A multitude of "here"s and "there"s.]

There are so many experiences waiting to be had.
I know there are places to see.
People to meet.
Things to touch.
Things to smell.
Things to taste.

I think you can live a full, satisfactory [if you will] life without ever having been overseas. ... But I don't want that life, necessarily. And yet I know that if, in the end, I don't end up ever stepping foot in an oversea country, I will not think of my life as incomplete.

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