May 1, 2011

Ch. 794 - The List: Missouri

Well... my post on Moberly, Missouri kind of stole the thunder for this post, huh? I really don't have much to say, but it is on 'The List' and so I figure I might as well give it a bit of time.

I do enjoy Missouri. I really do. One of my favorite "things" is the drive between home (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) and Moberly - especially after I cross into Missouri. Like Iowa, the state has its own beauty and I appreciate it throughout the different times of year. ... Yes, even during the winter.

I've only spent time in four places in Missouri over the past three years while at school. Moberly, of course. Columbia. St. Louis. And Kansas City. I don't have a favorite place, per se, but I do like Kansas City quite a bit more than the other places, I think.

Fun fact: Did you know that Kansas City, Columbia, and St. Louis are refugee cities? Refugees from all over the world are placed in these cities and given government-owned places to live and whatnot for a few months until the people are able to really get onto their feet and help themselves.

I think Missouri has a lot to offer. From those refugee cities to multiple higher education opportunities, and from many recreation and vacation spots to concert halls and museums... it seems that anyone can go to Missouri and find something pleasing or beneficial to them specifically.

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