May 15, 2011

Ch. 797 - The List: Hopes

"I hope so!"

How often do we use this phrase?
[... A lot, certainly.]

Sometimes I wonder whether we have forgotten the meaning of the word 'hope'.  Verb?  Noun?  Do either mean as much as they used to?  What kinds of things do we hope for?  And what should we place our hope in, anyway?

Merriam-Webster says that to hope is 'to cherish a desire with anticipation.'  To trust.  And it says that hope itself is 'an expectation of fulfillment or success.'  A reliance.

Trust.  Rely. 
I can work with that.

Place your hope in Jesus.

Trust in Him.
Rely on Him.

Jesus is our Hope.

He is our anticipated desire.
He is our expectation of fulfillment.

Easier said than done.

Done before it's even said, if we truly have faith.

Where do you place your hope?
Your family?
Your friends?
Your career?
For you "religious people", perhaps even your church?

What do you hope for?

The lists could go on.

And I could leave it at that, and let you think a little.  But I don't feel like being done [because I don't feel like starting my laundry yet], so I will let you in on a few things. 

I tend to place my hope in my mom.  She is a wise woman.  A teacher, though not professionally.  Sometimes I first go to her for advice or help, rather than God.  But while she always has something good to say, she doesn't have all the answers.  And she knows that.... which I am thankful for.  Anyway, I really need to continue working on going to God first in and for everything.

I also tend to place my hope in myself.  'I hope I can do this, so that/or else... yadda yadda yadda.'  It's just so wrong.  I mean, it's one thing to have confidence in yourself and your abilties, skills, etc.  But to put pressure upon yourself through that hope in order to obtain something or get somewhere - especially for self-benefit... not a good idea.

Sometimes I hope for the most trivial of things.
'Man, I hope all the parents come for their kids by 5:30 today!'
'Dang, I'm five minutes later than usual - I hope "my" elliptical isn't taken.'
'I hope I make all the lights downtown!'

Why aren't we quicker to hope for things like people coming to trust in the gospel?  Or for an increase in the Holy Spirit's guidance of our everyday lives?  Or, even if seemingly a bit premature, the return of Jesus Christ?  We should be thinking twice about what we are honestly hoping in and for.  Both for ourselves and others, really.

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