April 10, 2011

Ch. 789 - The List: Home

"Home is where the heart is."

Mmm... yes.
But we've all heard that before.

How about the following:
"Home is not where you live, but where they understand you."

I like this.

But I'd like it even more if it was, "... but where you understand them."

I feel that as I grow older, I find being understood less important than understanding others. Perhaps this is because I desire to be in ministry. I'm not sure, really. But if my heart is in understanding people so that I can help them and disciple them... then I suppose that, indeed, my home is there among those people.

I think I find home being where my heart is in regards to those dearest to me, my family, less important these days because I do know that they love me - and they know [I hope!] that I love them. I will always "be there" for my family, and I know they will be there for me as well. That will never change. But I'm lucky. Fortunate. Blessed. For not everyone has what I do. Not everyone in this world has a family that loves them, or a family that they can love. What a heartbreaking thought. Oh, how I desire to love people so that they may simply know that they matter. And I want people to feel "at home" - whatever that feels like for them - when they're with me. I think that's one of the greatest desires of my heart.

I don't know.

I feel like 'where' home is does not matter.
I can make a place home wherever I may be.

But I think that if I am not vested in something within that place... well, then it is simply just that: another 'place'.

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