April 30, 2011

Ch. 793 - The List: Alabama

Ohhh, Alabama. The Heart of Dixie.

I was born in Huntsville, Alabama and lived in Madison, Alabama until I was nine and a half years old. I still call myself a Southerner, rather than a Midwesterner... proudly, I must admit. I don't care about what people say about the South and its inhabitants being redneck, idiot hicks. I went to excellent schools and was actually ahead of the class in Iowa when we moved to Cedar Rapids in the middle of my fourth grade year. I was not raised as an ignorant farmer's daughter. And I probably had better manners than practically everyone in my new school combined, excluding my brother.

... Not that you'd be able to tell by my actually saying that, of course.
But anyway, that's an exaggeration.


Looking back, I really enjoyed the portion of my childhood that was spent in Madison. Dance classes, swim team, softball... basketball and soccer for a couple years, too. Swimming at gramma and papa's house [they also lived in Madison before moving down to the gulf]. Going back and forth to grandmother and grandaddy's house in Columbus, Georgia. Riding my bike up to Kid's Kingdom with my brother. Making up dances and practicing tumbling moves in our backyard with my sister. Sledding down an icy driveway when we got half an inch of snow and school let out... ha! I could go on and on.

I love and appreciate any time I get to spend in Alabama [or the southern states in general]. It's true what they say about southern hospitality and that comfort, or warmness, that so very many people exude. I wish I had lived there for a longer period of time. While I feel that I don't seem to be able to recall an awful lot from time spent there, some of my most precious memories are rooted in experiences in Alabama, as well as Columbus.

Okay, and I simply must mention that one thing I love about Alabama is that it's home to the AUBURN TIGERS! Ahem, the 2010 BCS national champions... A lot of my family attended Auburn, including my parents. Well. And my sister, for a year and a half.

... Now, Alabama is a place I would live in the future.
Them redneck cotton farmers need some Jesus, too, y'all!

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