April 25, 2011

Ch. 792 - The List: Moberly

Moberly, Missouri.
"The Magic City".
It was given this nickname back in the railroad days. Once the railroad was built through the area, it was quite the place. Now? Not so much...

My school, Central Christian College of the Bible, is located in Moberly.

I have lived in Moberly while at school for three years.
And while it's not exactly that magic city it once was, there is something I do... like [love is too strong here]... about Moberly. I can't exactly place my finger on what thing something is, though. Really, it's more of a combination of things.

Like Santa Fe, the best Mexican restaurant in town.
And my secret spot at Rothwell Park.
And the train tracks south of Moberly.
And the path I run on the most.
And the ghetto, rundown movie theater... baaahahaha.
And the haunted antique shop located downtown.
And the numerous country roads surrounding the area.

Moberly really isn't all that bad.
There's not a lot provided "to do".
But if you know how to come up with ways to entertain yourself, then you're set. Not to mention we've got Columbia a short drive away... that helps. :)

As with Iowa, I wouldn't choose to live in Moberly in the future. There's just not much it has to offer. However, it is certain that the town is somewhat in the dark in regards to the Kingdom of God and the love of Christ. And it's too bad that the community seems to have a bad perception of CCCB. Yet honestly, I don't blame them. But that's another post for another day.

The Magic City?
... Again, perhaps not so much.
But it has been good to me for the most part, I suppose!

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