April 20, 2011

Ch. 791 - The List: Utah

I wonder how many times I've written, thought, or said the following:
"I miss Utah."


It is true.
So very true.

I loved being in Utah for my first year of school at the University of Utah, in Salt Lake City. I loved the campus, the groups I was a part of, the people I met and became friends with. I loved the city, the weather [yes, even the snow now and then], and the adventures I had.

I particularly enjoyed the experiences I had with the Mormon students, which probably make up about half of the student population. For example: My roommate tried to convert me [to Mormonism]... and when she realized that I wouldn't, she finally gave up and moved out because she "couldn't handle living with someone who wasn't Mormon." HA! She also played the accordion... and not very well, unfortunately.

But yes, overall I enjoyed my time in Utah.
It is such a beautiful place.
And I learned an awful lot about a variety of things.

One of the most surprising things I learned was what it can be like to grow up as a non-Mormon in a heavily Mormon-populated area. You move into a dominantly Mormon neighborhood? Be prepared for your kids to not make any friends with the neighbor kids. I realize that this probably isn't the case with most "Mormon neighborhoods". But about a handful of people I was friends went through that problem. And I have heard a number of other 'exclusion' stories going along the same lines. It's just... sad. Having heard about those kinds of things made me think about moving back to Utah and doing something with YoungLife or WyldLife, or starting a new youth ministry of sorts.

Hm. I just really want people to know the true Jesus Christ, and come to realize the importance of the Bible as the sole authority - God's word. As much as I'd love to get back to Utah one day, it doesn't truly matter. Just so long as I'm doing these things and obeying God.

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